What to Expect at Your Naturopathic Visit

 What to Expect at Your Naturopathic Visit

 By Dr. Kali MacIsaac ND


I have great faith in your body’s ability to self-regulate. When given the right circumstances, everybody is capable of healing and feeling better.

Although I have a general practice and welcome patients of all ages, I have a special interest in gastrointestinal health, reproduction and fertility, endocrinology, detoxification, and hormonal balancing.

Using the following tools for assessment, I am able to recognize where there are imbalances in the body that may be impeding your body’s self-regulating ability:

            -through family and personal health history

            -a focused physical exam

            -darkfield live blood cell analysis

            -functional in-office lab testing

            -specific lab testing


Once a pattern of imbalance is identified, I utilize the following modalities to support your body’s ability to heal:

            -Biological medicine terrain balancing

            -Western herbal medicine

            -Nutritional supplements

            -lifestyle counseling

            -mindfulness coaching


In addition to treating imbalances, I am also passionate about empowering patients to take an active role in their own health. I develop tailored treatment protocols, respecting the individuality of each patient, and am interested in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in order to help my patients achieve their highest potential.


Breakdown of visits:

First Visit

First visits are scheduled for 60-75 minutes and involve a complete workup of your medical history, family history, current health status, concerns, as well as physical examination and discussion of our treatment direction. If you have had recent blood work or imaging, it would be helpful if you could bring along a copy for my review. On our practice website (here) you'll find the intake forms that should be filled out prior to this visit.

Follow-Up Visits

Follow up appointments allow for continuity of care and ongoing collaboration. In the beginning, we may have more frequent follow-ups to ensure we have a solid foundation from which to move forward. Follow-up appointments are 25-30 minutes in duration.

Phone/Skype Consults

We're all living busy lives. For existing patients, phone or Skype consults are available according to the regular fee schedule. These consults can be booked through reception as you would book a regular appointment.

Get to Know Me

If you're unfamiliar with Naturopathic Medicine or would like a chance to speak with me one-on-one about how I can help you reach your health goals, I am happy to meet with prospective clients for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Please request your complimentary 15-minute consult here.

I am currently accepting new patients, and I am also part of the Acubalance on-call team that provides on-site laser acupuncture at Olive Fertility Centre for patients undergoing IVF transfers. Please contact Acubalance for my availability.

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