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Dramatic Improvements in semen analysis in 6 Weeks and We Were Pregnant thanks to acupuncture

My Wife and I first came to Acubalance at the recommendation of our fertility specialist. We both had underlying health issues that were preventing us from achieving a natural pregnancy.  For myself, I had been experiencing severe headaches, fatigue, irritability, dizziness, vertigo and eye pain for over 2 years. Along with this, I was getting abnormal semen results, specifically low count, poor morphology and high white blood cell count.

Male Fertility and Poor Morphology: Improve sperm morphology and motility naturally - pregnant!!

The following email was sent to Dr. Lorne Brown from a couple who did not live in Vancouver. They had been diagnosed with male factor infertility and had traveled to Vancouver for a consult at Acubalance. After taking a detailed history of both the husband and wife and feeling her pulse, he felt confident that they actually arrived in his office pregnant and that she may not need any fertility treatments. But just in case, he provided both with a plan if her menses was to arrive.

Sperm Count Increased by 4x - IVF Success After Male Factor Failed Cycle

After a failed IVF/ICSI cycle, our doctor at the fertility clinic advised us that my sperm parameters were likely the culprit, and without an improvement there was probably no point in even trying another cycle. He referred me to Acubalance, suggesting that it was our best hope of having a successful cycle in the future.

Sperm Count Increased by 70%

I have male factor fertility issues with regards to motility, morphology, and count. I decided to seek alternative medical help and consult with Dr. Ryan Funk at Acubalance in Langley. He started me with a 3-week detox cleanse and acupuncture 1/week. Upon completion of the cleanse, I began taking supplements which included a multivitamin, coQ10, and pro EPA.

After six months of treatment with Acubalance, the following results occurred:

A happy ending with continuing adventures

I think when us guys hear the words "fertility issue," we tend to look for ways to fix what's broken. My wife and I have been through the grinder and every test conceivable (<-yeah it's a pun) for Western medicine. There was no easy fix for what was quickly starting to look like an "infertile couple." Our last option was surrogacy but we still needed healthy eggs from my wife and good sperm from me to proceed. We asked around about what we could do to increase our chances of having success with creating healthy embryos. Acubalance was mentioned a few times so we gave it a whirl.

For more than two years, my wife and I struggled with our inability to conceive naturally

We underwent the standard series of available medical tests only to learn that the reasons for our infertility were solely male related. More specifically, morphology, motility and overall counts were all well below the established thresholds for successful natural conception. An examination by an urologist (which included an ultrasound to rule out Variocele) failed to identify any treatable factors affecting sperm production etc. Disappointed, we returned to our OB/GYN to learn where to go from there.

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