I greatly appreciate having you be part of my IVF journey!

Our IVF journey started July 2019. We did not have a good experience with the first fertility clinic we went to. So, then my husband and I decided to go on a trip back home to the Philippines and try getting pregnant naturally even though I knew I had half a uterus with a blocked tube. I tried native Filipino massages called “Hilot,” only to come back to Vancouver not pregnant.


If you need support during this time, I highly recommend you try the TeleHealth platform out!

I had my first telehealth visit with Dr. MacIsaac and was curious as to how it would work. Not only was the platform very easy to use, it felt like I was sitting right in front of her - just like when I visit her in the clinic. She followed up with an online document that I can view at any time as well as sent me a link to order my supplements. The online system is seamless. And of course, Dr. K is so amazing in her knowledge and care which comes through in video conference.

Acubalance Gave Me Hope That I Could Get Pregnant!

Good morning,

I have been meaning to send a quick email to say thank you to the Acubalance team. Over the last few years, I have been coming to the clinic and I wanted to share my story and just say thanks for everything.

I wanted to say that I am very grateful for the services and practitioners at Acubalance as not only did they give me hope that I could get pregnant but also helped me resolve several other health issues.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Even before the thought of having children was an option for me, I focused strongly on my fertility. Having a history of PCOS, I wanted to gain control of my reproductive health to avoid risking a long and arduous conception journey. Through a friend, I met Ryan from Acubalance, and he quickly became my families Acupuncturist.


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