Kat healed my mind, my body and my spirit.

Months ago, I was forced to take medical leave from work for anxiety and depression. In my search for healing, I decided to try acupuncture for help with my addiction to sugar. 

Kat helped me unravel my story. I discovered that as a survivor of sexual abuse, I had used coping mechanisms (i.e. compelling overeating) to survive. I also had disconnected totally from my body. It was time to begin again. The key: self-love. We began the journey of discovering how I could love me unconditionally. 
Today, I have new ways of acting on life rather than reacting to life. I now practice acts of self-love daily. 
I am returning to work, a different person. With Kat I have learned what it feels like to be well and together we'll continue the journey. Online my doctor who worked only to heal my body, Kat healed my mind, my body and my spirit. 
Was it luck I found her? I call it divine intervention. 
~ DS
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