How Do the Seasons Change a Mans Fertility?

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Sperm motility, concentration and morphology are always changing! Not only with age but even during the seasons. This 2013 study has shown how the 4 seasons boost a mans fertility or takes away from it!

The study shows how during the warmer months of summer fertility decreases and the cooler months of winter increase pregnancy rates. Both sperm motility and concentration showed a significant decrease from towards summer and fall. Sperm morphology also was at it's lowest during these months.  
The highest sperm motility, concentration and morphology was found to be during the winter and spring. This also correlates with the highest probability of achieving a pregnancy.
They're are so many ways that mens fertility can be effected and the seasons are just one small factor. Chemicals, sleep, diet, exercise, ...  all can negatively and positively change your fertility.   
If you are trying to conceive I wouldn't suggest waiting till winter and spring to start. Make a plan on how best to optimize your fertility through diet, lifestyle and other factors. Keep it doable and simple to follow. I often find the simplest of plans can be the most effective.
If you need help putting together a plan to optimize your fertility, contact us to see if we can help.
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Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine