Chinese Herbal Medicine Increases Pregnancy Rates 2-Fold

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A systemic review of multiple infertility studies and the treatment of Chinese herbal medicine has shown great promise.  

This review looked at multiple studies of women experiencing infertility and the accompanying pregnancy rates after a four month treatment of Chinese herbal medicine. These results were then compared to those of Western medical treatment. This review suggests that, over a four-month treatment period, Chinese Herbal medicine treatment increases pregnancy rates 2-fold compared to Western medical therapy. The reason for the successful treatment may be due to the unique diagnosis of traditional Chinese nedicine. When treating infertility, an in-depth assessment of a woman's menstrual cycle is needed before treatment begins. The type of bleed, which includes color, clotting and other qualities, determines each individual herb prescribed. By using this method, great success can be achieved. Using this type of natural fertility treatment for pre-conception care before an IVF can lead to greater pregnancy rates. You also have a greater chance at a natural pregnancy during this time.
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