Winter Stew

We are diving into the Acubalance Wellness Program this week to find foods to strengthen our blood and spleen qi this winter. Here is a delicious Winter Stew that will both fill you up and enrich your blood's ability to deliver valuable nutrients. This recipe makes just a little animal protein go a long way. Iron and protein and veggies hand picked from the Acubalance Spleen Qi list of recommended foods: These ingredients are hand selected for a recipe you will return to every winter to stay warm and well nourished!
Cooking time/temp: 
2 hours simmering on the stove top

4 - 6 oz grass fed/organic beef or lamb (or a bit of each)

1 peeled and diced turnip/and or rutabaga

4 peeled and diced carrots (parsnip is another option)

1/2 cooked peas

3 tbsp flour

2 tbsp olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

1 litre Beef Broth



Cut meat into bite size pieces (*tip: freeze bones and make broths later - see next week's blog)

Put meat into a plastic bag with the flour, salt and pepper - shake the meat to cover it with flour

Add 2 tbsp Olive Oli to LARGE soup pot set over medium/low heat - watch the temperature, you don't want to 'char' or blacken  your ingredients -

and sautee floured dusted meat until browned

Add turnip, rutabaga, carrots (and optional: parsnip) and sautee all ingredients together until veggies start to soften a little 

Pour 1 litre of beef broth over ingredients in the pot and set to boil

Once the stew has started to boil, turn down the heat and simmer to perfection in about 2 hours - stir occasionally

Add peas during last 15 minutes of cooking


SERVING SUGGESTION: mashed potatoes made with 'grass fed' butter or chicken broth