White Bean Dip

A nice replacement for any dip that might have a heavy mayonnaise or sour cream base - this dip is loaded with fibre, protein and nutrients - and a secret super food ingredient: Walnuts!! Walnuts are full of omega 3's and this is a perfect way to combine healthy fats and lots of fresh vegetables for an amazing munchy snack for your lunch bag or at home with friends.
Cooking time/temp: 
10 minutes with a food processor

1 cup of cooked white kidney beans

1/2 cup walnuts

2 - 3 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp tahini paste

quick squeeze of fresh lemon or lime

Optional : fresh cilantro


Grind walnuts in blender or food processor until they have become crumbs

Add olive oil and tahini paste and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime and blend together (and fresh cilantro if you wish)

Add cooked white kiney beans and blend until quite smooth


Serving suggestion: with a tray of fresh veggies or maybe baked tortilla chips for a crunchy snack - so good!