Lush Blueberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Looking for purple and blue foods to add to your nutrition palette? Blueberries are sweetly mild and come packed with anti-oxidants. So does dark chocolate! This is a problem solver recipe for everyone's inner sweet tooth. Blueberries are on the shelf at the grocer's this month. Melt a little dark (70% cacao minimum) chocolate and try them dipped together for a mild and light finish to a warm winter meal.
Cooking time/temp: 
15 minutes - you will need to use a double boiler (see below)


Dark (70% cacao minimum) Chocolate


Chocolate will turn to ash and ruin your recipe if it is burned, best results are obtained using a double boiler to melt down your dark chocolate - here is how:

Use two pots that nest into each other. 
Fill the bottom pot with water and boil.

Set the chocolate into the upper nesting pot - and while the water is boiling in the lower pot - stir the chocolate as it melts. It will begin to soften quite slowly and then seem to melt almost all at once. 


Set out a piece of waxed paper on a tray - this is important because you will have to put the tray with the chocolate blueberries on it in the fridge to cool.

Touch/tip the blueberries into the melted chocolate to taste (some like a little, some like a lot)

Place chocolate dipped blueberries side by side on a tray and when you are done, put the whole tray into he fridge until cool (minimum 30 minutes)

Put in a little bowl and serve.