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Thursday, May 17, 2012

One in six couples in Canada have trouble conceiving, but there's hope

The couple decided on IVF after medical tests determined that his sperm had poor motility. During her first IVF cycle, she was converted to a different treatment when doctors found she was unresponsive to fertility drugs. Either way, it didn't work.

Around that time, Owen had read about acupuncture and how it can improve fertility. She found her way to the Acubalance Wellness Centre, where she met Dr. Lorne Brown, the clinical director of the centre. A doctor in traditional Chinese medicine, Brown offers patients techniques, support and information to reach an optimal state of health so couples will have their best possible chance to conceive, he says. While Western medicine focuses on the absence of disease, the Eastern philosophy of medicine strives for vitality, says Brown. He also says that our current lifestyle in the West is causing us to age prematurely at an accelerated rate.

He makes a distinction between chronological and biological age, and says the latter depends mostly on lifestyle and environmental factors. "You can't look at all 40-year-olds and say they're equal. Chronologically yes, they're all 40 but biologically, is that 40-year-old like a 50-year-old? Because 40-year-old women should be able to have babies." Poor diet, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep and chronic stress which are all characteristic of our society today, are affecting people's fertility. "Our biological potential is to live to about 100+. So we're not living up to our biological potential. And that's because of our fast food, overly processed refined food, toxins in our environment, chemicals in our food, and high sugar content."

He cites the Harvard Nurses' Health Study, a groundbreaking study of fertility and diet from 2008 which tracked 18,000 women over eight years, and found that eating a slow carb (whole grain, vegetables, fruit and beans), whole food (in the state that mother nature created them), and mostly plant-based diet increased fertility by six-fold.

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