Lifestyle can boost the odds of making babies

The Georgia Straight
Thursday, May 5, 2011

The following story was featured in the Vancouver Georgia Straight paper in May, 2011. The story was featured as part of Infertility Awareness Week. Acubalance was interviewed for this story on how we integrate acupuncture into the IVF process as well as our goal of helping couples have healthy babies:

Having always embraced complementary medicine, she’s used everything from osteopathy to chiropractic care in the past. She added to her arsenal traditional Chinese medicine as well as fertility treatments, including surgery for a blocked fallopian tube, in her attempt to get pregnant. For Schofield, an integrative approach — which included in vitro fertilization and acupuncture — as well as a holistic one, paying equal attention to her body, mind, and soul, made her dream of getting pregnant come true.

"I believe that getting as healthy as possible is what gave me the step up,” Schofield says. “Even if I had just done the fertility treatments, they wouldn’t necessarily have been successful.

"I’m over six months pregnant, and I’ve been feeling fabulous the whole time," she adds. "I attest all this to an integrative approach and to bringing my body back into good balance. It’s not just about being healthy to get pregnant but about staying healthy."

There’s evidence to back up the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on fertility....

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