Integrative fertility care can help maximize chance of a healthy baby

Georgia Straight
Monday, May 8, 2017

Healthy blood flow promotes fertility

Acubalance Wellness Centre was founded by Dr. Lorne Brown, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine and a former chartered accountant (CPA).

A passionate advocate of supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself, Brown combines a love for the science of human physiology with a deep respect for what’s been learned through thousands of years of traditional medical practices in China.

He’s keenly interested in the research into acupuncture for fertility and how it can be used to increase blood flow to the reproductive system, reduce the effects of stress, regulate hormones, induce ovulation and increase IVF success.

And Brown is fascinated by early studies showing how low-level light therapy & cold laser (LLLT) can optimize fertility by increasing the production of one of those nucleotides, ademosine triphosphate (ATP), which may help rejuvenate the energy in older eggs.  LLLT can also  regulate inflammation and enhances blood flow which are key factors for over health and fertility.   Acubalance offers cold laser for fertility, PCOS and endometriosis.

He’s such a strong proponent of acupuncture in promoting fertility because it’s been demonstrated to boost blood flow to the reproductive system.

“He brings his back ground as an auditor,” Brown revealed in an interview. “I like to do a fertility audit on men and women to identify the underlying cause to their infertility”.  Our role at Acubalance is to help man’s sperm and women’s egg reach their peak fertility potential, whether trying to conceive naturally or with IVF

Acubalance is an integrative clinic that incorporates acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, and functional medicine to accomplish these objectives.  Acubalance pioneered acupuncture on-site at the IVF clinics in Vancouver and currently provides both traditional and laser acupuncture on-site  only at the Olive Fertility Centre on IVF transfer day.

Hines said that during her first IVF cycle at Olive, she started going to Acubalance, where she was put on a fertility diet based on the landmark Harvard Nurses’ Health Study.

It discourages the use of trans fats and promotes the consumption of slow carbs, whole milk, iron from plants, unsaturated vegetable oils, and getting plenty of iron from plants.  The Acubalance Fertility Diet is available online at
Hines was also treated by an Acubalance acupuncturist, who noticed that her anxiety levels were “outside the range of normal”. As a result, Hines went to an anxiety clinic where this was addressed.  Read full article

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