Male Infertility

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Men Have Hormones Too

When talking about hormonal imbalances we often gravitate to women's health but hormones play a just as an important role in men's lives as well. Hormone imbalance in men can negatively impact almost every aspect of your health. Although rarely talked about among men these types of disorders can be addressed naturally to help regain health and optimal fertility.  

At What Age Does A Mans Fertility Decline?

Most studies and data we have look at how age negatively affects a woman’s fertility. Unfortunately, there are few good studies showing how a man’s fertility changes as he ages? We are now seeing fewer men having children in their 20's while men having children in their 30's and 40's has increased. Basically, men are waiting longer to have children. If it is increasingly more difficult to father a child with age will male fertility become more of an issue? At what age does a man’s fertility begin to decline?

Ladies, It is time to Man Up

Guys we need to be better at doing our part. I know back in 2000 when I started to practice the data and evidence was not as robust so it was excusable for men to not be proactive in supporting their partners through diet, lifestyle, supplements and acupuncture. But it is 2019 and the data has accumulated suggesting sperm health (or lack of) contribute to poor embryo development, miscarriages and setting your future child up for risk of preventable diseases. Men need to do their part. And ladies, you have my empathy for having to put up with us.

3 Foods Men Should Not Eat When Trying To Conceive

Today, 1 in 6 couples are having trouble conceiving and studies are showing that male fertility is on a steep decline. The average man is producing less than half the amount of sperm compared to the men in the 1940's. The fact that sperm counts have had such a significant decline in a relatively short period of time points towards more lifestyle and environmental factors rather than genetic. The good news is that we are much more able to control our environment and lifestyle compared to trying to change our genetics!  

Male Fertility: Improve Sperm With One Daily Habit

If you make sperm, or have a partner who does, and are trying to create a baby, this blog is for you. Often overlooked in light of a “normal” semen analysis is the possible role that sperm quality could be playing in a couple struggling with infertility. In fact, in 40% of couples having trouble conceiving, it’s a strictly male factor problem. In 20% of cases, it’s a mixed male/female problem. Which means that at least half of the time, the quality of the sperm is impacting your ability (or inability) to create a healthy baby.

5 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds?

As I was carving jack o lanterns the other day, I made sure to put aside all the pumpkin seeds. Growing up, one of my fond memories was eating the freshly roasted seeds for the following week after Halloween. What many people are not aware of is the amazing nutritional impact these seeds have on our health. Nutrient dense, antioxidant rich and fibre heavy pumpkin seeds are good for many aspects of our health. Here is a list of the top health benefits of pumpkin seeds!

Tired Sperm? Sleep More! How Sleep Influences Male Fertility

When it comes to fertility I believe there are a handful of things we do an a daily basis that greatly effect our chances of conceiving. One area that I like to focus on with all my patients is their sleep. Staying up late, burning the midnight oil to get through a project can be extremely detrimental to our fertility if done for a long period of time. This one habit can lower sperm counts and other sperm parameters.


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