Weight Loss for Anti-Aging

What is Weight Loss for Anti-Aging?

Many of the same things that make people feel sick also make them fat — being overweight is often a symptom of an underlying health issue. Toxins and inflammation can lead to fluid retention, weight gain, rapid aging, and reduced fertility. So by eliminating the major sources of toxins and inflammation in your life, we can help you lose weight and get your life back.


The “why” factor for weight loss is more important than “how to” lose weight. At Acubalance, we help you discover and focus on your “why” factors. This helps motivate you to finally lose and keep off the weight.

Our unique weight loss program consists of:

  • Acupuncture
  • Acubalance Diet
  • Hypnosis
  • Gentle Detoxification
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction

How Chinese Medicine can Help


Acupuncture treatments increase blood circulation, promote sleep, balance hormones, reduce cortisol levels, and de-stress your body (toning down your fight-or-flight response). Recent studies have shown that acupuncture has a unique ability to influence obesity hormones. Research measuring the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss found treatments increased the ghrelin in the body, a hormone that controls meal initiation and decreases leptin, the hormone that regulates fat storage and metabolism.


The Acubalance Diet is a whole foods, low glycemic, and anti-inflammatory diet. Research suggests that the Acubalance fertility diet is similar to the best diet for attaining and maintaining your ideal weight. Our book includes healthy recipes as well as where to shop locally for the ingredients.

Gentle Detoxification

Eliminating toxicity and inflammation are the two most effective ways to address long term weight loss and sickness & disease. We currently recommend you start with the Thorne 3-week mediclear detox and have continued supplementation for another 1-3 months using a liver detoxifier by Lorna Vanderhaghe called "Estrosmart."



Research has shown that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Both cortisol and insulin levels can spike and become elevated from getting less than 7 hours of sleep. Chronically elevated cortisol leads to inflammation, weight gain in the abdominal midsection and rapid aging. It is this abdominal fat that increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.


Exercise is one of the most effective ways to balance your hormones and lose weight. Exercise burns calories and helps regulate your insulin levels, reversing some of the metabolic imbalances that contribute to weight gain and fertility problems. Furthermore, when you exercise, your body rewards you by releasing a cascade of feel-good hormones (endorphins). These endorphins are Mother Nature’s antidepressants, lowering your stress and boosting your sense of wellbeing.

You can get the positive effects of exercise by just walking for 30 minutes every day. The effect of your workout can be further enhanced by incorporating more activity into your daily routine: try parking your car a few blocks from your destination or taking stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible, as well as hike, bike, and swim.

Other Resources

Stress Reduction

Chronic stress can lead to elevated cortisol levels which in turn can lead to inflammation, insomnia, irritability, and increased abdominal fat.  Practices such as qi gong, yoga, meditation and tai qi are very effective ways to reduce stress and induce deep relaxation.