Why You Need More Protein If You're Trying To Make A Baby (And How To Get It)

Why You Need More Protein If You're Trying To Make A Baby. I talk about protein all the time. If there were a ‘greatest hits’ list of the conversations I have with patients, the top three would probably be:
#1. I think we need to send your body stronger safety signals
#2. Let’s dig a little deeper
#3. I think you need more protein

Why you should consider electrolytes to support your fertility

You hear from everyone that you need to be sure to “stay hydrated” for optimal health, and when it comes to fertility this certainly is true. Without adequate hydration status, cells in the body (including your reproductive organs) can't communicate properly. You can't make adequate reproductive fluids, either. But while the suggestion is important, the nuances of true hydration are often under-communicated. Truly, you can’t be well hydrated if you’re simply drinking tons of water and not considering electrolytes.

Is your baby making fun or stressful?

After multiple cycles without a positive pregnancy test, self-doubt sets in if you will ever have a baby or worse, you get a positive pregnancy test result, but your excitement and joy come crashing down a few weeks later with an unexpected bleed from an early miscarriage.

Baby making, starting or adding to your family is meant to be enjoyable and fun. We can help you move through feeling self-doubt, worried and overwhelmed to feeling confident, empowered and fully supported.

The Clues Your Body Tells You When The Stress of Fertility is Growing

Going through fertility issues can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life. With our hectic schedules, most of my patients do have a level of chronic stress that they are dealing with. This isn't a problem as our body is amazing at adapting and pivoting in stressful situations. If stress continues to build becoming overwhelming this is the time we need to become more proactive. This often happens slowly without us knowing on a conscious level that we are losing the battle and heading towards burnout.  

New IVF Technology to Assess Your Egg Quality

This is an update to my blog I wrote on Dec 30, 2021 titled, How many eggs to freeze based on your age to assure success?

I had breifly mentioned how Olive was using new technology to assess egg quality. So, I sat down with Dr Jason Hitkari, from Olive Fertility Centre, in May 2022 to discuss the latest technology they are using to evealute egg quality for women going through egg Freezimg.


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