What You Can Do To Support Both Immunity and Fertility

I wanted to pass along a handful of things we all can be doing which not only will supports our immune function but also our fertility. A healthy body is one that is strong in both these areas. What makes supporting these systems easier is that there is a massive overlap. Often doing 1 thing will improve both fertility and immunity. Here are a few of my favorite ways you can do both at the same time with only 1 change.  

Can stress impact your menstrual cycle?

Understandably, stress may have been a little high over the last few weeks. If you’ve noticed a change to your menstrual cycle - longer cycle, more PMS, acne, etc., this is not too surprising because stress can have a direct impact on your reproductive hormones.

Stress & Your Cycle

Our stress hormone, cortisol, is constantly talking to our brain (the hypothalamus and pituitary). High or chronic stress impacts how our brain releases other hormones, such as FSH and LH, which indirectly influences our hormone balance.

IVF Acupuncture increases odds of live birth by 30 percent


The takeaway message from this publication is acupuncture dosage matters when it comes to increasing your chances of a live birth when acupuncture is used in an IVF cycle. Acupuncture has a compounded effect, and just receiving acupuncture on transfer day may not provide the same benefit as a series of sessions leading up to transfer and including on transfer day.

When there are no words. Pregnancy and infant loss awareness day/month

It’s October 16thand for 16 days now I have been staring at a blank page trying to write a blog. I wanted to write a blog that could be helpful or insightful for the readers here who have (or know someone who has) lost a baby; whether by miscarriage, a baby born sleeping, or a child lost too soon. 


Fertility Advice Your Grandma Would Give You

Our Grandparents are filled with information, and we traditionally seek knowledge from them when we were looking for life's answers. Today we first search google for tidbits of information and rarely use our grandparent's experience. Unfortunately google often overwhelms us with information in contrast to our Grandparents as they would provide us with a few pieces of clear useful actions. Their common sense approach is often not so common with people today.



The last thing patients typically want to hear when they’re awaiting their first second, third, or fifth round of IVF is to use the next 100 days to optimize their fertility.  But those  100 days of pre-conception treatments have the potential to make an enormous difference on your IVF results.


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