When there are no words. Pregnancy and infant loss awareness day/month

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It’s October 16thand for 16 days now I have been staring at a blank page trying to write a blog. I wanted to write a blog that could be helpful or insightful for the readers here who have (or know someone who has) lost a baby; whether by miscarriage, a baby born sleeping, or a child lost too soon. 


16 days have passed, and I am still staring at a blank page.


Sometimes we just don’t know what to say or do to help someone who is in their deepest moment of grief.  Sometimes we just need to be silent and let them feel what they need to feel. 


I have acupuncture treatments to help restore hormonal balance. I have supplements I can suggest to regain lost stores. I have herbal formulas to relieve symptoms and help the body recover from the rollercoaster it has just been on. I have recipes, I have lifestyle advice, the list goes on... But sometimes, it’s not about those things. Sometimes there is just silence, a hug, a touch of a hand or a knowing glance. Sometimes, I have just sat in silence because that was the only thing that was needed or wanted in that moment. 


When you are ready, we can talk about all the things you can “do”. But for now, for this month, just know that I am thinking of you all. My heart is breaking for your loss, but also rejoicing at the love you have for this child who will always be remembered. 


This month is for them, and for all of you who have loved them with every ounce of your being. 


With love, 



When there are no words. Pregnancy and infant loss awareness day/month