What Your Sperm Says About Your Health

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Most men look at their health in a compartmentalized view; most ailments are not connected to overall health.  A headache is just a headache and not a sign of high blood pressure.  This view is often the same when they find out they have poor fertility.  What if poor sperm quality was just a sign of overall poor health and possible major health problems?  Would that make us sit up in our chairs and pay attention?


A study of over 9,000 young men has shown just that; poor male fertility often points to other health concerns.  The average age of the men in this study was 38 and almost 50 percent of these men had other health problems not usually associated with this age group.  Skin disorders, endocrine problems and cardiovascular disease were some of the more common primary disorders associated with poor male fertility.  


As almost half of couples battling infertility have a male factor, this research points to a huge majority of men having other health problems.  The male infertility looks like it may be a symptom of a larger issue, which needs to be addressed.  The fertility testing has provided a great opportunity to look for other possible health problems.  If these disorders are treated there is a good chance their fertility will also be improved.


There are many things that have been shown to improve semen parameters, many of these also help with overall health.  Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, supplements, diet, lifestyle.. ect, are all great examples of these treatments.   


If you have been diagnosed as having male infertility or are trying to conceive there are simple changes you can do to make a big difference. For information about male infertility treatment a great resource on our website is here.   


There are ways to have a successful pregnancy even with severe male factor infertility.  The only side effect of becoming more fertility is an improved overall health!





Dr. Ryan Funk

Doctor of Chinese Medicine