Vitamins For Male Fertility

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Infertility can be just as much a mans issue as is a women's, in fact over one third are diagnosed as male problems. When Trying to conceive both men and woman should seek treatment to help optimize their fertility and increase healthy pregnancy rates.  

There are some basic dietary suggestions which help optimize a mans fertility. In my practice diet is one of the foundational treatments used along with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. All these combined help create significant improvement in sperm parameters and an increase in pregnancy rates. If a woman's egg is fertilized with an abnormal sperm the risk of miscarriage or birth defects rise.  Anything which can be done to help minimize this risk should be adopted.  
Your diet should be nutrient dense, high in whole foods and well balanced. Following this diet for at least 3 months helps a mans body produce the best sperm. Here is a quick reference to essential nutrients and foods to add to your daily routine.

Vitamins For Male Fertility

Vitamins For Male Fertility
Testosterone Boost!  Zinc is an important nutrient in the development of testosterone and your fertility. Every time a man ejaculates zinc is released in large quantities (up to 5mg). Zinc is obviously one of the essential nutrients for fertility. Men can easily get enough through diet if he is eating the right foods. Foods high in Zinc are pumpkin seeds, green peas, sesame seeds, beans, spinach and meat.
L Arginine - this potent amino acid may effect both sperm motility and count. L arginine is found in the head of the sperm and studies have shown a decrease of this amino acid in abnormal sperm. Nuts, Beans and Lentils are all good sources of L Arginine.
L Carnitine - Found in many different meats, this amino acid helps with the energy production within each sperm. Because L carnitine is primarily found in meat, vegetarians may be deficient and need to supplement.
B vitamins also play a role in a mans fertility. Foods high in B vitamins are: beans, spinach, asparagus, whole grains, fish and chicken.  
Vitamin C, E, Selenium and CoQ10 are all great examples of antioxidants important for male fertility.  
Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid - this is an important element which helps prevent sperm from clumping together (agglutination). It is also found in large amounts in each ejaculation. Vitamin C is found in a variety of different fruits and vegetables.  
Vitamin E - This fat soluble vitamin is one of the most important antioxidant found in a sperms cell membrane. It works closely with Selenium, another important antioxidant. Vitamin E is found in most nuts and seeds along with eggs and some vegetables.
Selenium - This antioxidant helps with sperm formation and motility. Selenium also helps protect the sperm from heavy metals. It is found in many different foods but it's concentration depends on the quality of the soil which the food was grown. Many areas have depleted selenium in the soil and many people may need to supplement as we may not be able to get sufficient amounts in our diet.  
Co enzyme Q-10 is a very well known antioxidant which helps improve male fertility. This antioxidant helps convert food into energy and is found in its greatest concentration in the mid section of the sperm. CoQ10 is found in a variety of different nuts, fruits and meats.  
In some cases supplementing the above and other nutrients may help. It's always best to discuss your specific condition with your health care practitioner. They will be able to create a male factor infertility treatment plan according to your individual needs and deficiencies. The Acubalance website has great information regarding male fertility. If you are looking to better understand how we treat male infertility please call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation.  
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There are many ways which you can improve the sperm parameters and boost your fertility naturally. Contact us to find out more or look at our website for more information.
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