Are Your Vitamin D Levels Keeping You From Getting Pregnant?

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The days are getting shorter, the clouds are covering the sun and we bundle up as the weather gets colder. The ability for us to naturally get vitamin D from the sun is extremely difficult. As we enter into these dark winter months how much vitamin D do we need and how do we get it?

We know that Vitamin D is vital for basic overall health but it also plays a vital role in both a mans and womens fertility. It is needed for many different processes in the body. One of these processes is the gene encoding of Anti-Mullarian Hormone (AMH). AMH is important for egg development in women, associated with menstrual cramps and can be a cause of irregular cycles. Vitamin D is also needed for the production of androgens (male hormones such as testosterone). Studies show that Vitamin D plays a role for increasing pregnancy rates and even helps improve IVF outcomes.  
Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency:
-your muscles are weak
-your bones hurt 
-feeling fatigued
-depression or feeling Blue
The problem with the above signs of Vitamin D deficiency is this is moderate to severe deficiencies of the vitamin. Milder deficiencies can likely go unnoticed keeping us from being in optimal health and hindering our fertility. At Acubalance if we suspect vitamin D Deficiency we have their levels checked with our Naturopath or their Reproductive Endocrinologist. It's easy to correct with supplementation and can have an incredible improvement on your fertility.
Stay warm this winter and do your best to keep your vitamin D levels in their optimal range!
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Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Fellow of the ABORM
Vitamin D and fertility, Vitamin D and pregnancy