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I am reminded that it is PCOS Awareness Month, which has brought to mind one of my favourite PCOS cases..

When Amy first presented, her cycles were irregular and infrequent, only occurring naturally up to 2-3 times per year. She was advised by her family doctor to take the birth control pill to regulate her cycle, which she did for several years. However, she would periodically discontinue it to see if she would have a natural cycle, to no avail. After years of tests, she was finally diagnosed with PCOS when an endocrinologist scanned her ovaries with ultrasound and saw that they were polycystic.

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, it is a condition that can present in a number of different ways. Some of the main symptoms of PCOS are irregular, infrequent or no periods, acne, excess body and/or facial hair, weight gain, and cystic ovaries. It is a hormone imbalance that often results in difficulty to conceive a healthy pregnancy.

Amy was pro-active, and recognized that the birth control pill was only a band-aid solution to the problem. She wanted to address the root of the issue, and was concerned about preserving her fertility, so she came to Acubalance.

We began treatment and she conscientiously came for acupuncture twice per week for the first number of months. She drank a customized herbal decoction twice per day as well as followed the diet and exercise modifications that I recommended for her case. Within 2 and-a-half months, she got her period. We continued to work together, she remained disciplined with the herbs, diet and exercise guidelines and as treatment progressed in the coming months, we gradually decreased the frequency of acupuncture treatments to once per week and then eventually 1-2 times per month, timed with her cycle and she continued with the herbs.

After that first cycle, her periods continued to come regularly. Had she been trying to conceive, her chances of success would have been increased at this point, as she was ovulating naturally. However, her goal was preservation of fertility, with regular natural cycles. Her cycles were longer at first, then gradually shortened and are now regular and within normal range. Treatment took time, Amy’s body had never cycled regularly on its own before, and our treatment program helped to encourage and guide it to do so.

Soon enough, treatments were once per month, between menstruation and ovulation, to ‘remind’ the ovaries to ovulate. She continues to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime, and she is no longer taking herbs. She was patient with her body, and could see that treatments were making a difference, so she remained disciplined and all her diligence has paid off.

She’s graduated from treatment now, and I miss seeing her regularly, but she is coming in for the occasional maintenance and tune-up treatment. We knew her body could do it!

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Dr. Alda Ngo


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