A New Male Contraceptive, Bacon !

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For years studies have been showing how male fertility is influenced by diet and lifestyle choices. In this most recent study processed meats such as bacon have shown a decrease mens fertility by damaging the shape of their sperm (morphology).  

Although not able to decrease fertility enough to be used as a contraceptive it is significant enough for men to steer away from if trying to conceive.  Even eating a half portion of processed meat per day decreased sperm morphology from an average of 7.2% down to 5.5%.
This study also found a huge benefit for mens fertility in those who ate fish more than 3 times per week.  A good piece of wild salmon, cod, halibut, ...  can be an easy way to optimize the reproductive system.  
If you are trying to conceive cleaning up your diet to something like the suggested Acubalance Fertility Diet is a great place to start.  Not only will you experience an increase in your fertility but also in overall health and quality of life.  
Decreasing things like coffee, sugargluten, processed foods, ....   will all help your overall health.  
So men who are working hard to bring home the bacon may need to switch it up a bit to grow their family.   
Best of Health
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine