How Do You Know You're Fertile?

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When it comes to fertility, I work with lots of patients who feel uneducated and uncertain. Maybe having a baby is something you’ve always known you wanted, and always assumed you could have when you were ready. But before trying, did you ever really consider that it might not be that easy?


Most of us don’t think about trouble with conception - we spend the majority of our teens and twenties trying not to fall pregnant. Unfortunately, fertility isn’t something that’s really well understood by the majority of adults (boy do I wish it were a mandatory class in high school, or at least part of the curriculum - but let’s leave my #lifegoals aside).


If you’re new to the TTC game, or simply thinking about your fertility potential, it’s worth knowing that there are some basic signs your body might be sending you that could be indicators of an underlying issue with your fertility.  Of course, until you try, we can never know for sure.  But if you have some red flags, it's better to know about them sooner than later so you can start addressing them.


At Acubalance, we’ve been working with people trying to conceive healthy babies for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of similarities among our patients who have fertility struggles and we want to help you avoid them.


That’s why I created the Complete Fertility Checklist - a quick 5 minute survey you can complete to begin understanding the all the areas of your health that affect your fertility.


Did you know that having a menstrual cycle shorter than 24 days may be the issue why implantation does not take place for you? Or that working shift work may impact your fertile potential?


Do yourself a favor and take five minutes to fill out this free checklist. Then bring it with you to your next appointment - we’re happy to discuss with you why the things you’ve flagged may impact your fertility and (best of all) how to investigate and work toward balancing them.


Read more about our Fertility Audit, how we look for the underlying cause(s) behind your inability to conceive or carry to full term.

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Dr. MacIsaac works as a general practitioner, and has a clinical focus in digestive health, reproduction and fertility, endocrinology and hormonal balance.

She believes in the power of an empowered patient, and develops individual treatment protocols to inspire patients to take an active role in their health.

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