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Movember is a big thing here in Vancouver.  Many men started November with a squeaky clean upper lip and letting the hair grow for the remainder of the month in awareness of prostate cancer.  With the mens health buzz in full swing I wanted to take a fertility twist on this successful event.  To learn more about Movember see the official website - Movember Canada     

Men are often forgotten when it comes to fertility.  In my office most of my patients are women with their husbands hiding in the shadows behind them.   I am hoping to shine a little light on some facts for male fertility.  
Approximately 1/3 of infertility IS male factor, another 1/3 of infertility is a combination of male and female factors.  The math tells us over 50% of infertility is relate to male factor. Research Article
This is a pretty powerful statistic supporting the need for men to seek treatment if they are trying to conceive but have not yet had success.
Couples who have been trying to concieve for 6-12 months often go in for fertility testing to confirm that everything is within range.  Men get a "green" light for their fertility as long as the meet the minimal requirements.  They come into the office saying they are good as they "passed" the test.  When we look in depth at their semen analysis we find out they are only a few percent above minimal standards.  They are only passing with a C- grade.   Plenty of room for improvement !
My goal isn't a passing grade but to hit it "out of the park" good.  I'm looking for A grade semen analysis results. 
The good news is we are always creating new sperm.  Sperm will take approximately 70-90 days to be created.  Everything you do during this time period can influence the quality or quantity of your sperm.  The environment which they are maturing is extremely influential to these delicate swimmers.  Too much heat, too many environmental toxins, not enough antioxidants, ....   Many factors are involved in creating top quality sperm !
If you are trying to conceive and are looking for ways to boost your fertility please call to learn more about our treatment plans.  We offer information Talks as well as free 15 minute phone consultations
To read more about our treatment plan for men trying to conceive please read our Mens Health Fertility Page.
Male Factor Infertility treatment can include Natural methods such as Chinese medicine.  Here is a link to Success Stories written by men who have had healthy pregnancies after being told they had male factor infertility.  
Best of Health as you keep trying to concieve.
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Movember - Acubalance Men's health and Fertility