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You are just one thought away from Joy and peace of mind

Sep 02, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
I offer Belief change work also referred to as conscious work or energy psychology.
The focus is to take your body out of a state of alarm (sympathetic mode) because when we are in the fight or flight mode our energy is mobilized for survival and our resources are not available for creativity, reproduction and healing.

Acupuncture increases IUI and IVF pregnancy rates

Jul 07, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
Dr. Tracy Malone ND shares with Acubalance's (Vancouver BC) Dr. Lorne Brown, her data from the last 10 years of her Integrative practice (Acupuncture & IVF) that shows an increase in pregnancy rates in both IUI and IVF when a series of 3 or more acupuncture and naturopathic medicine was added to the IUI or IVF cycle.

Combining laser for fertility and Maya massage for egg quality

Jun 29, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
I recently chaired the 2021 Integrative Fertility Symposium where I was able to moderate multiple lectures and panels. One of the sponsors organized a lecture opportunity where I had the opportunity to interview over zoom Anne Marie Jensen to discuss how she is using low level laser therapy (LLLT) / photobiomodulation and laser acupuncture to help women conceive naturally and through IVF.

LASER FOR FERTILITY METHOD: Optimizing Egg and Sperm Quality and Uterine Receptivity

Jun 28, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
An increasing number of studies have shown a connection between improved fertility and laser therapy—for both men and women. Photobiomodulation may improve pregnancy rates even in women who haven’t previously been successful with fertility treatments like IVF.

Hope for infertility and miscarriages related to PCOS

May 23, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
Excellent public educational lecture for women with infertility or miscarriages related to ovulatory disorders & PCOS. If you have PCOS and have had unsuccessful IVF cycles (or letrozole cycles) then there is hope.


How to get pregnant BETTER and FASTER

Mar 27, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
If you are reading this blog, then you are looking to conceive and likely have been TTC for months and years too.
I remember at one of the Integrative Fertility Symposiums I chaired there was a panel discussion on integrative fertility care and the benefits of preconception care. The panel was composed of reproductive endocrinologists (IVF docs), reproductive urologist, acupuncturists and naturopathic physicians.

An integrative approach to miscarriages and implantation failure

Mar 03, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
An integrative approach to miscarriages (recurrent pregnancy loss) and implantation failure.

IVF doc trained in both western and Chinese medicine shares her approach to getting pregnant

Feb 22, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
In this interview, Dr Laurena White MD, L.Ac shares how she integrates acupuncture and herbs into her IVF clinic to improve IVF outcomes and also how she approaches fibroids in her OBGYN medical practice.

What Men Need to Do Before IVF

Feb 09, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
Dr Paul Turek, a reproductive urologist, discussing Back to Basics: Why Treat Male Infertility Before Using Assisted Reproduction

What PCOS patients are missing when it comes to testing and treatments

Feb 08, 2021 | Dr Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM, FABORM
I talk with Dr. Mark Perloe MD, IVF consultant and PCOS expert, about the missing diagnosis and natural treatment approaches for helping women with ovulatory disorders like PCOS regulate their cycles and get pregnant and carry to term.