Laser Acupuncture Speeds up the Healing Process

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Low level laser therapy is an effective, pain-free, noninvasive, therapeutic way to modulate inflammation, pain, and the healing process. When combined with acupuncture, healing results can multiply twofold.


The inflammatory response is a naturally occurring response to any type of wound or injury. Immediately after injury, the innate immune system is activated, setting in motion a local inflammatory response. However, there is a point where the beneficial inflammatory response following tissue injury becomes pathological and detrimentally affects proper healing. This is where tools such as laser therapy and acupuncture can step into speed up the process.


Low level laser therapy (LLLT) can stimulate any cell in the body where an inflammatory process is occurring. It does this by increasing the amount of ATP (also known as cellular energy) produced by the cell to give it a boost of energy required to repair damage from the inflammatory process. The healing response cannot take place when the body’s cells do not have enough energy. Cell proliferation and inflammatory mediators produced by the cells help with inflammation, edema, and regeneration of tissues. Increased endothelial (blood vessel cell) production creates more capillaries and increased blood flow to the damaged areas of the body. LLLT also increases collagen production, and bone, muscle, and nerve tissue repair.


In acute musculoskeletal injury, blood vessels, muscular tissue, tendons, and ligaments are torn and inflammatory cells gain direct access to the site of injury. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) helps this healing process by decreasing the length of the inflammatory phase of healing, increasing cellular growth of endothelial cells, stimulating fibroblast and cartilage production, and promoting cell survival by limiting collateral cellular damage due to the inflammatory process. All of this result in the regeneration of muscle and connective tissue cells allowing for maximum healing potential.


LLLT also positively impacts healing by promoting circulation via relaxation of the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels, repairing blood vessels, increasing fibroblast, macrophage, and mast cell function, affecting nerve conduction, increasing the metabolism of feel good chemicals (endorphins, acetylcholine, and serotonin), boosting the immune system response, and increasing the synthesis of DNA and proteins at the cellular level.


Studies show low level laser therapy was effective in accelerating the healing in open wounds, including better regeneration and faster restoration of structural and functional cell integrity compared to control groups.


Thus, LLLT is great for treating any type of joint, muscular, nerve, tendon, ligament, or skin wound and injury. Your body’s intracellular environment is crucial for treating, controlling, and preventing disease. Why suffer from a lengthy injury and a tedious healing process when you can speed it up to feel healthy and pain free sooner?


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