Inflammation and the Gut

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Inflammation is a word we hear a lot these days in the health blogosphere. Since it is both an ally and enemy, it’s important to have the basic Cole’s notes on how it all works, and how to keep it in check where possible.


In the presence of injury or infection, your body has an excellent first response system.  A complex biological process initiates inflammation in response to stimuli such as injury, pathogens, and irritants.  This is good news if you break your ankle.  However, what if the inflammation is invisible and chronic?  Or unnecessary, causing tissue damage?  This is where diet, supplements, herbs and acupuncture can really help.  


With acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine, my aim is to help reduce inflammation that may be hiding and lingering in your body.  It can show up in varying ways.  Some people get rashes, bloating or painful periods with clots. Some fascinating science about inflammation and the gut reveals why. In our intestines, the good bacteria use dietary fibre as their most important food source, and they mount an immune response in its absence.  That’s why a low fibre diet causes gut inflammation with bloating, pain, diarrhea, and sometimes mucus and bleeding.  Here’s a short video on the mechanisms of how this works.


Now try to imagine if your gut was in a low level inflammatory state much of the time.  There is only a thin layer of cells separating the inside and outside of your colon, so if for any reason a small perforation appears in this layer, small particles can seep through into the bloodstream, mounting a generalized immune response.  

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