Have PCOS? Acupuncture may be the key to a regular period, optimized fertility and a smaller waistline

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In a recent study performed by Zhen YH et al., acupuncture proved to be more affective than metformin at improving menstrual frequency and hip to waist ratio, as well as reducing BMI in overweight women with PCOS.


The study followed 86 women, randomized into a metformin group and an acupuncture group, over a 6month period. One group receiving daily abdominal acupuncture and the other receiving the PCOS drug Metformin. Once hormones were tested, metabolic function reviewed and both BMI and hip to waist ratio assessed, it was clear that acupuncture outshone the tried and true Metformin.


Although the study provided daily acupuncture, here at Acubalance we have found that 2-3 times a week for 16 weeks is often enough to induce ovulation, regulate menstruation and optimize fertility. We also take a comprehensive approach and combine the acupuncture with the *Acubalance PCOS fertility diet, exercise and the PCOS supplement protocol for even better success.


*The Acubalance PCOS fertility diet is an anti inflammatory, low glycemic diet, designed to keep your blood sugar stable, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce phlegm (abdominal fat).


Here are some quick tips to get you started:


Eliminate all forms of simple sugars like bread, pasta dry cereals, rice cakes crackers and white rice

Lots of fresh vegetable, Lots of legumes like black beans, lentils

Mostly vegetable forms of protein (some organic meat is fine)

Whole complex grains like oatmeal, brown rice and barley

Fruits like berries --which have a lower sugar level

Limit milk and dairy as these can aggravate internal dampness.


Note: Remember, PCOS is linked to insulin resistance, so diet and lifestyle play an important role in your success.


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