Feeling Great After just 7 Days on Mediclear Cleanse

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With the first week of the Mediclear program under our belt, the team here at Acubalance and I are past the withdrawal phase and into the feel good phase!
I usually find that the first week of the program is tough for 2 reasons: 
  • you don't know what to eat - all the usual "go to" foods have been taken off the table (no eggs for breakfast, you can't have toast, yup cereal is also a no no).
  • you may be going through withdrawal from coffee, sugar or other tasty foods which have been banished from your diet for the the past week.

The second week is much easier. We have fallen into a good routine, found a few recipes that taste great, and followed the dietary outlines. Our refrigerators are now full of cleanse friendly foods and we understand how and what to eat for meals and snacks. 

For those who are following the Mediclear program to the "T", this second week is also the vegetarian week. You may find you get a little weak but most people do well with taking the shake now 3x per day. This will help keep your energy up and feeling great.

Now after 1 week I am down a few pounds, my clothes are fitting a bit better than before, and overall I am feeling pretty good.

Good luck to those who are doing the cleanse! Keep focused and don't lose your momentum.  We are almost half way there.   For anyone just following along reading this, take a chance and do the cleanse.  It's only 3 weeks and you will not only feel better but also optimize your fertility. There's nothing to lose (unless you want to lose a few pounds).


Dr. Ryan Funk

Doctor of Chinese Medicine