Endometriosis Pregnancy Success - A Case Study

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Endometriosis is a specific disorder which I have had great success in treating over the past years and I wanted to share a case study about a recent pregnancy.  I enjoy sharing these success stories to help patients understand changes that other women have made to benefit their fertility journey.

This specific woman was in her late 30's and had experienced secondary infertility for more than 4 years.  She had been diagnosed with a hydrosalpinx and unfortunately needed one of her fallopian tubes removed.  She also was diagnosed with endometriosis and had laparoscopic surgery to help remove the affected areas.  During this time she had undergone 5 fresh IVF cycles and 2 frozen embryo transfers without a successful pregnancy.  She was now wanting to do another frozen embryo transfer with the help of acupuncture.
The doctors at her fertility clinic diagnosed her as having endometriosis. Overall she was healthy and along with her husband produced good quality embryo's.  Besides the diagnosis of endometriosis, there was no diagnosis as to why she was not able to achieve a healthy pregnancy in all the previous IVF and frozen embryo cycles. Due to having only 1 tube being removed years earlier a natural pregnancy was highly unlikely and her best option was assisted reproductive technology.   She was horribly frustrated and pessimistic about going into another cycle due to all the previous failed attempts.  
This is about the time she made an appointment with me to discuss how Chinese medicine and acupuncture could help her achieve a healthy pregnancy.  We diagnosed her by looking at the quality of her menstrual cycles.  She had very heavy periods lasting more than 7 days.  Her periods were very painful where she experienced stabbing pains and passed large clots in her menstrual blood.  She also experienced pain during ovulation.  There were also many discomforts pre-menstrually (PMS) which included bloating, cramping, and head aches.  
Our plan was to do regular acupuncture sessions, diet adjustments, a few vitamin supplements and Chinese herbal formulas.  We decided to do this for 2 months before going into her next frozen embryo cycle.  Because having one of her fallopian tubes removed the most likely way to a pregnancy was through either IVF or FET.
She followed the diet, acupuncture and herbs very well and we noticed small changes in the following cycle.  She noticed there was less clotting and less pain.  She still noticed it was heavy but not as bad as the previous cycle.  
We continued on our treatment plan for the second month.  She kept on a very clean diet, regular supplements, weekly acupuncture and the daily Chinese herbal formula.  Her second cycle had more improvements still.  Although she still had pain and her regular complaints most of them had decreased further in the second month.  
Because she had noticed improvements for the past 2 cycles she decided to put off going into the FET cycle and continue these treatments.  After her third cycle she had the best cycle she had had in "years".  She decided to put off the cycle for at least another 2 months as she continued to notice so many positive changes.  Not only did her cycles improve but her overall health also improved.
Going into our 4th cycle of treatment she noticed her cycle was late.  After getting a positive pregnancy test she still could not believe she was pregnant without IVF or any type of embryo transfer.  
After 2 laparoscopic surgeries, the removal of one of her fallopian tubes, 5 fresh IVF cycles and 2 frozen embryo transfers over more than 4 years without a successful pregnancy, she was finally pregnant, naturally !
Being a part of these types of journeys always bring me so much joy and satisfaction with my practice.  It is very empowering to help someone achieve a healthy pregnancy and to watch the overall transformation of their body.
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