Dude Food For Fertility - Foods to Eat to Improve Male Fertility

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I treat a good number of men trying to conceive. Most of these guys are like me, living a busy life and wanting to make easy, simple changes to have the greatest benefit. Anything that takes up too much time or effort is unlikely to happen without a little protest. 

I try to boil down some complex topics to a few simple rules to make it easier to implement in our lives. Many of these simple and easy changes boost men's health. Diet is one area that can have a significant impact on sperm health and pregnancy rates.


If you are trying to conceive, here are 3 easy ways to adjust your diet that will boost your fertility.


Dude Food For Fertility Tip # 1 - Walnuts

Walnuts pack a powerful fertility boost when eaten regularly. A study has shown that eating just over 1/2 a cup of walnuts a day improves overall sperm health. The multiple nutrients and healthy good fats found in walnuts are the building blocks for sperm. In this study, men who had some of the worst motility (The way sperm move) ended up with some of the highest.


Dude Food For Fertility Tip #2 - Berries

Sperm are sensitive little swimmers and are easily damaged. Oxidation is one of the main things that damage them. Sperm can easily be defended from oxidation with the use of ANTI-Oxidants. Antioxidants have gained lots of support in the last few years and many studies have shown their benefits for both sperm and egg. Berries are an amazing source for antioxidants and are an easy way to add them to your diet. Berries are one food which organic or spray free are worth the extra cost. Pesticide use on berries is very high and damage sperm.


Dude Food For Fertility Tip #3 - Processed Meats

Although they can taste great, processed meats play havoc with a guy’s fertility. I even wrote a blog about using Bacon as Birth Control a while ago. Studies have shown that men who eat processed meats regularly have poorer fertility compared to those who ate other meats. The study was able to pin point specific animal protein decreasing fertility while others boosted fertility. Some of the best animal protein to consume would be wild fish such as salmon or halibut. Unfortunately smoked fish did not show the same benefits so try to prepare your fresh caught meal as naturally as possible. Farmed raised fish also will not carry the same benefits as wild.


There are many ways a guy can naturally boost his fertility and improve his chances of conceiving. The above diet suggestions are a few simple ways you can change without too much fuss. Food is not the only thing that effects sperm production. Acupuncture, vitamin supplements and lifestyle changes also make a big improvement. A study has even shown how poor sleep habits decrease sperm count. There are numerous natural ways to effectively improve this area of your health. 


For more information on diet, foods to eat to improve male fertility or mens health there are great articles on our website including Male Fertility Success Stories. To talk with us directly about how we treat fertility for both men and woman we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.


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