Don't Double Your Sperm Count, Quadruple It! A Case Study

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I wanted to share a success story written about a male infertility case.  Male infertility is diagnosed with 40 percent of couples having difficulty conceiving.  Many of these men don't realize there are many natural treatments that have a profound effect.  

With western treatments such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and IVF with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) men feel this is all they need.   But what happens if it doesn't work ?  what else can you do ?  
I had a couple come in for treatment with a diagnosis of male factor infertility, lets call him Ray.  Ray and his wife had been through an IVF cycle with ICSI without success.  The Reproductive Endocrinologist they were seeing said that due to poor sperm quality there was little to no chance of success even with another IVF.  
They came in feeling frustrated and lost.  We discussed options and their chances of success with each course of treatment.   Ray agreed to pursue a natural approach to boost his fertility before trying another round of IVF.
Ray took to the program like a dog with a bone.  He followed all the recommendations changing his diet (which wasn't all that bad to begin with), modified his exercise routine, came in for regular acupuncture and diligently took his herbal medicine.  
During the months of treatment he noticed many changes in his overall health.  Increased energy, deeper sleep, more focussed at work and a few minor skin conditions were clearing up.  Ray decided to get another semen analysis to decide if they were ready to start another IVF cycle.  He was ecstatic to come into his next acupuncture session to tell me his sperm count not only improved, it skyrocketed !  There were multiple areas of improvement but his count had QUADRUPLED !
Feeling much more optimism Ray and his wife entered into another IVF cycle and had a much better result.  They are currently enjoying the third trimester of her pregnancy !
You can read his story and other male factor fertility pregnancies in our success story section.  
If you have experienced a failed IVF or have been diagnosed with male infertility you can make a difference.  To learn more about the Acubalance approach to infertility please look at our Male Factor section on the website or call for a 15 minute phone consultation.
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Dr. Ryan Funk
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