Beating Painkiller Dependence with Laser Acupuncture Treatments

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What’s the first thing you do when you feel that familiar nagging headache come on? Or when that bad knee start to complain again?  Like most, you might reach for the nearest bottle of painkillers. Although seemingly harmless, studies are showing you should think twice. Not only can regular amounts of popular painkillers lead to tolerance and precipitate the need of stronger dosages, but it can also cause harmful effects to the body, especially fertility.


Ibuprofen and Fertility

Although it was already known that ibuprofen after the first 24 weeks of pregnancy can lead to fetal malformations, new information is providing light on the effects of ibuprofen during the first trimester as well. This study is showing that fetal exposure to this popular painkiller can have a negative impact on the fetus’ ovaries, causing reduced cell numbers, less proliferating cells, and increased cell death. It is also known that some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) can inhibit ovulation in women.


Concerns have been raised with regards to male fertility as well. Studies show that ibuprofen affects the hormonal balance in adult men inducing a condition called hypogonadism, or the absence of hormone secretion.


Low Level Laser Therapy and Acupuncture

The good news? Both low level laser therapy (LLLT) and acupuncture are safe to use before and during pregnancy. Acubalance’s signature laser and acupuncture treatments have helped many recover from painful conditions warranting the necessity of regular painkiller usage. One patient describes the success she had in treating the pain from her arthritis, going from 8 painkillers a day to only needing one or two.  


Stress Reduction

There’s no denying the link between emotional stress and physical pain. So that must mean the opposite can be true as well. The relief of emotional stress must have an impact on physical pain. Studies show that mindfulness meditation can reduce pain by bypassing opioid receptors in the brain. But easier said than done, right? Book an appointment or give us a call to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation for tips and advice on how to better manage your stress and anxiety.


IV Therapy

Consider nutritional IV therapy to boost your immune system, balance hormones, and decrease inflammation. Patients who have added IV therapy to their health management have reported few migraine headaches, improved recovery from intense exercise, reduced anxiety, and better stress management.


So next time you feel the beginning of that migraine, you feel the first twinge of menstrual cramps, or that bad shoulder is starting to keep you up at night, give us a call and book an appointment right away so we can work on it. Or better yet, book an appointment before you get another flare up as an effective preventative measure.

Let us help you get out of the cycle of pain without the risk of adverse side effects. Call Acubalance at 604-678-8600 to book a free 15 minute Q&A to see if laser therapy & acupuncture is right for you.


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