Acupuncture, How Much Is Enough To Get The Results You Need?

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We are always finding the balance in life between not enough and too much! I need more sleep but probably ate too much over the weekend. I need to exercise more and spend less time on my computer! With Acupuncture, studies are finding more IS better for your fertility!

Many of my patients compare Acupuncture treatment to massage therapy. One or Two visits per month should get some good results. Although one treatment will have results so much more can be done with regular acupuncture. In order to have a positive impact I generally treat 1-3 times per week when Acupuncture is the primary method of treatment. In china, treatment is usually given 6 or even 7 days per week.
One acupuncture session can have a powerful effect. Studies show that just 1 acupuncture session improves blood sugar levels and can also improve implantation rates done during IVF. It is also able to decrease stress levels and improve blood flow.  
But what happens when we do more?
Women found that when they did acupuncture during the month before an IVF cycle their stress levels were markedly lower than those who just did 1 treatment.  
When acupuncture is done twice per week before an IVF they found an increase in pregnancy rates as well as a decrease in miscarriage rates.  
Acupuncture offers women with PCOS a successful treatment option. Women coming three times per week are able to improve blood hormone levels and increase their chances of ovulation. 
Men also get a boost using acupuncture! significant improvements can be seen when men come for regular treatments over 10 weeks. They also can get similar results in half the time if they come twice per week for five weeks. To read a recent successful treatment of a man who doubled his sperm concentration and increased his motility by 4x follow this link.
If you are considering Acupuncture to improve your chances at a healthy pregnancy more is better! Yes, 1 treatment will show some improvements but just like going to the gym, multiple visits offers a significant long term benefit that can help you concieve. Give us a call to learn more about our approach to your fertility. We offer complimentary 15 minute phone Q&A here.
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