2 Ingredient Coconut Yogurt

Homemade coconut yogurt is easy to make, delicious, full of probiotics, and perfect for anyone limiting or avoiding dairy.


Full fat coconut milk is full of healthy fats along with some protein, iron, and electrolytes among other nutrients. You can top this yogurt with fiber-rich, low-glycemic berries for a healthy breakfast, or, use in place of sour cream or dairy yogurt in savoury dishes. The possibilities are endless!


2 cans of full-fat coconut milk.

Try to find coconut milk that doesn’t contain any other ingredients (such as guar gum or sugar) and is in cans that are BPA-free. Native Forest and Blue Dragon are two such brands.


½ - ¾ tsp. Probiotics

I like Genestra Brand HMF Forte (available at Finlandia Pharmacy in Vancouver) which comes in a powder form that is easy to use. You can also use any other high-quality, multi-strain probiotic and even open up a probiotic capsule to measure out the powdered contents inside.



1) Scoop just the firm coconut cream from the top of one can of coconut milk into a clean, mason-size jar.


2) Mix the cream and water of the other can together with a spoon or fork until combined.


3) Add just as much coconut milk from the second can into the mason jar, stirring to combine, until the contents are the thickness of the type yogurt you prefere.


4) Stir in ½ - ¾ tsp probiotic powder depending on how tangy you like your yogurt (more probiotics, more tang) and how much coconut milk you have used.


5) Place some cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar and fix in place with the lid ring.


6) Place the yogurt the yogurt somewhere warm - in a dehydrator at the lowest setting, near your stove while you are cooking, or in a warm oven that has been turned off making sure that the cooking rack isn’t too hot to burn the bottom of your jar and kill the microbes. Aim between 40-50 degrees celsius. Get creative. I typically move my jar around the kitchen the first day to keep it warm.


You can taste your coconut yogurt after 8 hours but I typically have mine out for a couple days. The yogurt is ready when it becomes tangy and maybe a bit fluffier. When it’s ready, you can store it in the fridge for about 2 weeks.