1 Festive Holiday Food To Boost Fertility

The holidays is known for a diet that tanks our health and swells our midsections.  The good news is one of the common foods served can boost our fertility.  The mini cabbage takes the cake for couples trying to conceive.  Both men and women will see improvements to their chances of conception by eating brussel sprouts and here's why !

Rich in Folic Acid

What Do You Give Up When You Want To Move Up ?

I was listening to John Maxwell today and he mentioned that for us to improve ourselves, to move ourselves up in any area of our lives we need to leave something else behind.  His words were something like "if you want to move up, what do you need to give up?"  This got my creative juices flowing and thinking about what my patients are wanting and what they generally need to give up to achieve their goals.

5 Tips To Stay Fit Over The Holidays

Most North Americans throw in the towel when it comes to their health over the holidays. It's often open season for eating cake, drinking too much, not getting enough sleep and saying we're too busy to hit the gym. It's no wonder why most of us create New Years resolutions like starting a cleanse or Junk Free January to help get us back on track. What if we didn't trash our health over the next few weeks? What if we wake up feeling awesome for the first day of 2018?

Three Things Not To Do When Getting Acupuncture For Fertility

There are so many things that can benefit a person who is undergoing Acupuncture for their fertility. Acupuncture can be very effective in regulating hormones, improving blood flow and treating fertility. There are things that can both decrease or boost these benefits and when practiced consistently can increase your odds of success. Through the years I have found 3 things that greatly decrease the benefits of patients coming for Acupuncture.

Thyroid Series Part 2: Testing Your Thyroid

If you’ve read Part 1 of my thyroid series, you’ll know that the thyroid hormone system is responsible for regulating a huge number of body processes, and that there is more to testing the intricate hormonal system of the thyroid than just getting a TSH and calling it a day. The more you start to dive into thyroid physiology – the triggers for thyroid hormone production and conversion, the receptivity of the tissues, and the dance between the brain, the thyroid gland, and the tissues – the more you realize it’s an incredible, intricate web.

5 Natural Ways to Increase IVF Success


Did you know that the most important time to optimize your fertility (and that of your male partner if you have one) is during the 100 days before conception occurs?

Your wait time for your IVF cycle is a great opportunity to get your mind and body in the best shape to conceive a baby whether TTC naturally or with IVF.

How Your Thyroid is Treated with Chinese Medicine and How It Effects Fertility

A huge percentage of the patients I see have been diagnosed with having a poorly functioning thyroid, primarily hypothyroid. Having a thyroid that is under performing causes all kinds of symptoms that can be life changing. Exhaustion, hair loss, weight gain, a generalized feeling of cold can all accompany an under functioning thyroid.  Unfortunately women who have this condition will also experience a greater chance of infertility as well as miscarriage rates.


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