Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Blocked Tube - Success Story

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I wanted to write a case study about a patient who has gone through the trauma of severe Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) during her fertility journey. If you have gone through PID you know the severe discomfort and possible impact it can have on your fertility. The good news is there was a silver lining in my patient’s story!
My patient (lets name her Tanya) had been trying to conceive for years with her husband without a pregnancy. After having a fertility work up with her gynecologist they found out they were up against several factors. Her husband was diagnosed with low sperm motility while she was diagnosed with a blocked tube, fibroids and likely endometriosis. They began seeing a fertility clinic and started the process of doing medicated IUI cycles.  Unfortunately this is where she was diagnosed with PID.  
She developed a severe fever, abdominal pain and other symptoms associated with an infection. She went to a local hospital and the emergency doctor prescribed strong antibiotics that didn't help much followed by IV antibiotics. Unfortunately after a short period of relief she relapsed and needed several courses of IV antibiotics again before the infection was under control.  
Although relieved her PID improved the antibiotics had taken it's toll on her overall health. She was experiencing constant bloating, nausea and diarrhea.  She had lost over 10 pounds in a matter of weeks. She was feeling helpless and didn't know what to do.
I first started seeing Tanya a few months after this event. She was frustrated, fatigued and feeling somewhat helpless at this point. She had been trying to conceive for years and after every thing she had been through felt the most ill she ever had and there was no energy for her to do anything about it.   
We started treatment with getting her digestive tract back to a healthy state. So much depends on proper digestion that it was imperative this be strong. A few diet changes, regular acupuncture and a few supplements started the process. Within 2 weeks she noticed a dramatic improvement in both digestive complaints and energy.  
As her digestive system was getting stronger we added Chinese herbs to her treatment plan. She followed the dietary and lifestyle changes as strict as she could and continued noticing improvements. Her cycles also showed improvement with her PMS being minimized and period pain that she had had for years had almost disappeared.  
It was at this point that she went in for surgery to open her blocked tube. To both her and her Reproductive Endocrinologists surprise both tubes were open and healthy. 
Taking advantage of having both of her tubes now open she decided to do a medicated IUI cycle again. Her husband still had low motility so an IUI optimized their chances of conceiving. She was now doing regular acupuncture, taking a chinese herbal formula, eating a healthy diet and feeling the best she had in a very long time. Finally after almost 6 months of treatment Tanya had finally achieved a healthy pregnancy.
Tanya had put in the effort and time to prepare her body. She changed her cycles from being painful to healthy and regular. She was now energetic and vibrant feeling strong in her pregnancy.  
Our approach to fertility is to create an environment that allows a pregnancy to occur. A healthy, optimized environment not only improves pregnancy rates but also minimizes the chances of a losing the pregnancy. Tanya's case above illistrates this approach nicely.
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